Field Orders Explained


Field Orders Explained

Field orders are special assignments in Online Multiplayer in Call of Duty Ghosts. The first casualty of the match drops the blue briefcase for anyone to pick up to attempt to complete the unique orders set. Whoever is holding the briefcase will drop it again when they die. If a player completes the orders successfully they will be able to call in a care package for a random kill streak reward, some of which can be very powerful.

Possible Field Orders:

  • Get 2 kills while crouched
  • Get 1 kill while prone
  • Get 1 kill with a headshot
  • Earn 1 kill by melee (knife)
  • Get 1 kill while jumping
  • Kill an enemy from behind
  • Get 3 non-streak kills (kills not from killstreaks).
  • Get 3 kills from a picked up weapon
  • Get 1 kill from an explosive non-streak weapon (i.e IED or Grenades etc.)
  • Humiliate the next enemy you kill (This actually means ‘tea-bagging’ by crouching and standing repeatedly over the corpse you’ve just killed… yes this works, we’ve tried it!)

Juggernaut Orders

  • Maniac – Earn 6 melee kills. Get 4 kills with the throwing knife
  • Juggernaut: Get 7 kills
  • Recon: Get 3 kills with the riot shield. Get 4 kills with the .44 Magnum

Map Exclusive Rewards

  • Strike Zone: K.E.M. Strike
  • Whiteout: Satellite
  • Sovereign: Sabotage
  • Warhawk: Mortar Fire
  • Siege: Missile Strike

Things you might not have known:

  • When a player completes field orders successfully their weapons and equipment ammo are refreshed to max.
  • You can kill an enemy from behind using Killstreaks. ie. the Intelligent Munitions System.

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