Extinction Tips

COD Ghosts Extinction

Extinction Tips

Extinction is a game mode in Cod Ghosts where up to 4 players fight against aliens to survive. Similar to Zombies… throughout the game you can earn money by killing aliens, killing aliens with traps, destroying barrier hives or searching search piles. This money earned can be used to buy new weapons placed throughout the map. Weapons outlined in Orange means you cannot afford them so do not waste your time running up to them!


  • Fight your way through and destroy all 14 Alien hives without dieing
  • Find the nuke and arm it
  • To end you need to get back to where you started for extraction.

Tips on succeeding

1. Work as a team

Work together in a group with good communication instead of splitting up. Also mix up the loadout’s your choose, having one of each for each player is a really successful tactic (Weapons Specialist, Tank, Engineer & Medic).

2. Complete the challenges

Completing the challenges will earn you skill points which you can spend, spending these to upgrade your loadout features is vital for success as it will give you a slight advantage from each purchase.

3. Defend the drills at all costs

The aliens will try and attack the drill, although it can be repaired it will save a lot of time if you keep it going.

4. Find the Hypno Knife

If you look around hard enough you will find it, when you hit an alien with it this will then turn those aliens to fight for your team; protecting you and fighting against the other aliens.

5. Use the propane tanks

Throw them at large groups of Aliens and then shoot it so it explodes. You can also throw it at the drill as a last ditch effort as it will kill the enemies around it but won’t damage the drill.

6. Throw Flares

A great way to distract aliens when you need to revive an enemy or you’re low on health as all the aliens will be attracted to it, these are similar to the clapping monkey bombs in Zombies. The flares can be combined with the propane tanks for a great effect.

7. Watch your ammo

Conserve your ammo by being precise with your shots, also throw down ammo packs for your teammates to pick up when you are in a clear spot. You can also use your knife or pistol to finish off aliens. If you aren’t careful it is very easy to run out of ammo before the end.

8. Use the portable turrets

Place it covering a drill facing where you think the aliens are most likely to come from (one player will need to use it), get one person in your team to cover behind you and communicate.

9. Use the Riot Shield

Players forget having the riot shield on your back is still great at protecting you, especially when the aliens are attacking you from all angles.

10. Be clever using the I.M.S

The Intelligent Munitions System detects and destroys aliens when they go near it, place it intelligently near the hives you are drilling or if you need someone covering your back this is a great weapon to do that.

Rank Unlocks

  • Rank 2 – Stun Ammo
  • Rank 3 – Tank – Multiplayer Background
  • Rank 4 – Feral Instincts
  • Rank 5 – Engineer
  • Rank 6 – Grenade Turret
  • Rank 7 – .44 Magnum
  • Rank 8 – Armor
  • Rank 9 – Mortar Strike
  • Rank 10 – Medic
  • Rank 11 – Multiplayer Background
  • Rank 12 – Incendiary Background
  • Rank 13 – M9A1
  • Rank 14 – Team Booster
  • Rank 15 – Crowd Control
  • Rank 16 – MP-443 Grach – Multiplayer Background
  • Rank 17 – Random Supplies
  • Rank 18 – Trinity Rocket
  • Rank 19 – Multiplayer Patch
  • Rank 20 – Explosive Ammo – Multiplayer Background
  • Rank 21 – Multiplayer Background
  • Rank 22 – Sentry Gun
  • Rank 23 - MK32 Grenade Launcher
  • Rank 24 - Multiplayer Patch
  • Rank 25 - Armor Piercing Ammo
  • Rank 26 – Multiplayer Background
  • Rank 27 – Multiplayer Patch
  • Rank 28 – Vulture
  • Rank 29 – Death Machine

If you think we’ve missed any tips and strategies or you want to share your best score please comment below!


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